Pinhole Photography Workshop.


Pinhole photography has been a passion of mine for a long time. I made my first pinhole camera back in 1977 and have been playing with the idea ever since.

This course looks at the history and science of pinhole cameras. It makes links with KS4 maths and science, as well as Design and Technology.

All notes and lesson plans included.

Session 1

Each participant will understand the basic construction and theory of a 120 roll film pinhole camera.

Session 2

You'll learn how to calculate exposure, learn about reciprocity failure and the practicalities of using this type of camera.

Session 3

Using the camera. What works well and what can go wrong.

Session 4

Developing a black and white film. Using traditional film processing to produce negatives.

Session 5

For those without a darkroom, scanning or rephotographing negatives.

Please contact me for further details.



For those interested, we produce our own 120 pinhole cameras in kit form. If you would like a kit, they are £15 each and come with full instructions.