We improve lives - one photo at a time.

Guerrilla courses for kids.

Guerrilla courses are absolutely free for participants and are at the heart of everything that we teach.

The recipe is simple. Take half a dozen kids, lend them compact cameras (but you may have to pay for the SD card),  add a publicly accessible location such as a country park, museum or maybe a zoo.

Find somewhere to call a base (usually a cafe, but maybe just under a tree).

Plan what the children's mission is, and send them off in pairs to complete the mission.

While we end up with SD cards full of images, the children learn a bit about photography and the setting they are in. They also learn that learning can be fun - and that's the whole point.

Sessions for Groups of adults.

Somewhere we have to generate some income to pay for the Guerilla courses, so I also offer courses for adults. In an era when many workshops are vanity projects for underemployed photographers, our moto is 'education, not ego'.

Individual tuition.

Individual tuition is available at £25 per hour plus costs.

We regularly teach via Skype, particularly for GCSE and A Level students who cannot access lessons in person.

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CPD and Consultancy.

We've been offering Continuing Professional Development  for teachers for some time. In a world where many art teachers are expected to teach a subject that they know little about, we can help fill the knowledge gaps. By Skype at £25 per hour or in person at £200 per day, we can help bring you up to speed on the latest specifications changes and the implications of those changes to your spending requirements. If we're coming to you, we'll bring kit (but you have to provide coffee).

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