Studio Lighting Course - an INSET course for teachers of photography.


A lego building approach.


Timing - 10.00am to 3.30pm


Vegetarian lunch provided.

Tea and coffee provided.

All technical notes provided.

Lesson plans provided.

Certificate of attendance for INSET evidence


In this one day course we look at studio lighting from the point of view of building up the lighting from simple to more complex.


Session One (90mins)


One light and a background.

¾ lighting and side lighting


One light and a reflector

Using the reflector to fill detail


Rembrandt lighting/broad and narrow lighting.


Introducing a second light


Introducing a third light


Session Two (60 mins)


Accessories to modify lighting.


Brollies/Softboxes/snoots/beauty dishes/gels


Session Three (30 mins)


The technical stuff


How it all works and how much does it cost.


Alternatives when money and space are tight.


Continuous lighting/redheads


Slave flash units and wireless triggers.


DIY props


Session Four (30 mins)


Case studies - learning from the best in the business.


Session Five (90 mins)


Working with a professional portrait model




One speedlight with softbox.


Two Studio lights with softboxes


One studio light with reflector

two soft.jpg

Two softboxes at 45 degrees.

One studio light with snoot

One studio light with Brolly