The Movement Project.


This course has grown out of a major project on the theme of movement that Year 10 pupils have been working over  a period of months.


It is split into twenty separate lessons or exercises designed to develop camera skills. There are also three asides which fill in necessary theoretical knowledge on how the technology works. Completing the work is a glossary of terms used in the text.

Some of these lessons need to be completed on location, others within a class or home setting. They are not linear in the sense that they necessarily follow on from each other, but sometimes rely on knowledge of previous lessons.

All lesson plans and notes are included in the course, which focuses on the aspects of the project that can be undertaken in school.

Lesson 1 Water splash in daylight

Lesson 2 Water splash using flash


Lesson 3 Dancer

Lesson 4 Child’s Windmill

Camera Sensors

Lesson 5 Breaking Wineglass

Camera Shutters

Lesson 6 Rapids

Lesson 7 Carousel

Lesson 8 Backflip Triptych

Lesson 9 Water Punch

Lesson 10 Torsion Sculpture

Lesson 11 Field of Wildflowers

Lesson 12 Photographing Smoke

Lesson 13 Fireworks

Lesson 14 Empty Play Ground

Lesson 15 Panning Trees

Lesson 16 Burning Wire

Lesson 17 Girl on Fire

Lesson 18 Light Trails at night

Lesson 19 Water Splash

Lesson 20 Torch Photography